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Amazing Artist Award

1/19/2009 07:17:00 AM Posted In Edit This 1 Comment »
Amazing Artist Award

This beautiful award was given me by Nip and Kicki thanks a bunch ladies. Both of them are have a wonderful blog with a lot of cute stuff. When you are going to visit these blogs please leave some love, they are deserve it.

I pass this lovely award to:

She is a wonderful and special Lady with a lot of talents.

She has a new blog with a wonderful new and spring colored freebie kit.

to honor her hard and great work.

Ty for sharing her work and talents with us.

She has a lot of beautiful goodies.

Please visit the blogs of my scrap - sisters and leave some love.


1 Kommentare:

Maggie hat gesagt…

Thank you sooo much for this beautiful award. It was a big suprise and I really appriciate it, since my blog is brand new.
I will put it in my blog and I will have to search for some blogs to give it to "lool"
Thank you again!
Hugs, Maggie