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3/01/2009 11:28:00 AM Posted In Edit This 2 Comments »
Today I've got three new award from Judy she is such a sweetheart uuuh? Please make sure to take a look around on her blog. Her art is amazing.

Lemonade Stand

Friends - award

Premio Dardos

Passing along these awards to:

1. DeBee DeZines
2. Chelle
3. Ruth
4. Debb
5. Emi
6. Laurie
7. Shawna

Congrats ladies you are all deserved them.

2 Kommentare:

Chellesky hat gesagt…

Wow Andrea I love your new alpha, its so pretty, you are so talented gf
and thank you for my 3 awards you have just made my Sunday complete gf

Emilse hat gesagt…

Waaaa....A lot of thank you...!!!
I'm very happy for my new awards..!!
Thank you for gift them to me...
Thank you for all...
Have a nice day..!!!